SXT SA5 ac

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The new AC standard is here, with up to 866Mbit over the air datarate, 256-QAM modulation, and 80MHz channels. 802.11ac opens up new possibilities and speeds never possible before.

The SXT ac is a new member in our 802.11ac product lineup, currently two models are available — with regular 28 degree antenna, and the SA model with a 90 wide beam- width sector antenna. Also supports 802.11a/n mode and is compatible with all legacy RouterBOARD devices, including Nstream and Nv2 protocols. Both devices come with Gigabit Ethernet.

New products are backwards compatible- for example, you can replace your 5GHz 802.11an legacy Access Point with new 802.11ac product and your existing customers will still be able to connect to it.



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